Here are some the many reasons for why its best to wait until marriage for sex. If you have already lost your virginity, you can renew your commitment to God and yourself to keep any further sexual activity set aside for your marriage bed.

1) Once you’ve lost it, you can’t get it back

2) God intended sex to be expressed exclusively within heterosexual marriage; fornication (sex before marriage) is a sin

3) Your marriage sex life will be MUCH better if you wait

4) Virginity is one of the greatest gifts you can give your future wife or husband

5) Having sex before marriage increases your risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease

6) Sexual intercourse causes you to be one in spirit and in flesh with another person. You will have difficulty cutting these ties to this person and achieving intimacy with your spouse when you marry in the future.

7) Sex without the commitment of a lifetime is an empty act.  It will undoubtedly fail to match the high expectations you may have for it. It usually takes years to develop intimacy with your spouse, and physical intimacy in sex is closely (or intimately) related to this overall emotional & spiritual intimacy. It takes work and it takes true love. Love without a lifetime commitment (i.e. marriage) will limit your ability to fully experience sex as God designed it to be.

8) Having sex before marriage risks pregnancy. It’s one thing to have sex without the security of a lifetime commitment, but try raising children without that commitment. If the parents stick together, that helps, but nothing can substitute a child’s security in knowing that his/her parents are committed to each other and aren’t going to leave when things get tough.

9)  A person who is gets pregnant outside of marriage may be tempted to end the child’s life through abortion.  Millions of women have followed through with this since the 1960’s and its difficult to express the gravity of that travesty.   Suffice it to say that abortion will deeply affect a person for the rest of their life.

9) Premarital sex cheapens one of God’s greatest gifts to people. God, the Creator of life, gave us the privilege of being “stewards” in the creation of life. It behooves us to keep the standards that he established for sex.