God is helping men and women break free from sexual addictions! It’s my pleasure to share the below excerpts from emails we’ve received over the past years. They testify to how God is healing and delivering people from sex addiction. I hope that you will be encouraged in your faith to believe that God will help you break free from whatever sin entangles you!

9-7-2016:  Thank you Paul for ur amazing website. God bless you.  I have been free from BDSM , pornography and Masturbation i had been about 20 years now all by the grace of God alone. But I still struggle with spiritual and emotional problems because of my long involvement with these things. I was a slave to BDSM, pornography and masturbation until the age of 32 even though I was a Christian! But God has been merciful to me and Jesus finally delivered me from this horrible BDSM. ur BDSM topic changed me because i wrote bible verses about this thing so that make feel to make a decision to stop this thing called BDSM ..thank you Paul for making this anointed material freely available to everyone who needs to hear this message of hope and forgiveness in Christ.

3-26-2016:  Thank you for your work and website.  I was abused as a child by my parents physically, emotionally, psychologically.  I was lucky not to fall victim to a local pedophile though he did touch my privates once.

I was told by father and mother “I was not going to amount to anything” and that I wasn’t good enough. The abuse won’t make you a child abuser but it leaves a resident abuse legacy and made it hard for me when I took up a porn habit 8 years ago. On and off I battled till I found your website and recently committed to praying and confessing my sin “in the light”. That is, I made myself accountable to a Christian brother who understood this sin.

I recently found myself looking at some of the most degrading, despicable, disgraceful and disgusting images I have ever seen. I was shocked at the depravity I found myself involved in. I asked the Lord who showed my childhood abuse I had blacked out, a low self worth and some childhood sexual experiences that were incestuous and had left a “foothold” for depravity. I confessed all of it to my friend, all of it, without leaving out any of the incest, the porn I had been exposed to at 6, the fact my parents had porn in the house, and the revelations the Lord had given me as to why I did what I did.

Paul, He just didn’t condemn me – though I felt I deserve it, The Lord as I prayed caused me to feel deep sorrow, and regret and shame. It lifted after prayer and I saw the whitest cleanest garments about me.

I have joined a website newsletter that is run by Shelley Lubben who is a former adult film actress who got set free and she helps men and women, from that background and others to walk free of their past.

I have committed to walk clean and I am fully accountable to my prayer partner on everything. Praise God I am free but I had no idea what was in my background with childhood incest, childhood porn exposure, my parents “allowing” porn in their house (for which I forgive them) and the childhood experiences – what they actually give a foothold to.

Paul, your website users should learn that Jesus wants us to walk in the light and confess everything – I have come clean on everything even masturbation and its roots in me from doing your study.   I appreciate your support and the way you have offered yourself to us all.

4/6/2015: I’m amazed at what the Lord has done in my life during the past seven years following my first download of your ‘Sample Prayers’ and the many twists and turns on the road of my subsequent conversion. Your course and prayer templates are powerful and God has used them to set me from spiritual strongholds, generational and otherwise. I’ve been volunteering at our local prison for the past four years and have witnessed the Lord do amazing things in the life of me and my wife.

2/23/2015: Years ago I went to your website at porn free to try and break free of my porn addiction. For years now I have been addicted to porn. Well, recently the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart that I have desecrated my body and that my body cannot withstand anymore sexual sins. I am very fearful as to what will happen if I relapse which is why I truly believe my addiction is over. Something that helped me to stop and stay away was intercessory prayer. I signed up for all the major prayer websites and had many believers intercede for me. When this happened I noticed I was able to stay away from it. Because of the prayers you created and others that interceded for me I have been clean for one year. Now, the Holy Spirit has laid it on my heart that because of the years of practicing this addiction I am about to face the consequences. As to what the nature of these consequences are God hasn’t revealed it to me only that when I begin to suffer them He will grant me grace. Pray that I endure until the end. Thank you again for your support years ago and the written Freedom Journey documents.

I need to mention one more thing. The only way that a porn addiction can truly be stopped is thru the Holy Spirit and nothing else. I repented many times over the years, stay away for months at a time only to return, and read scripture verses many times over. Only thru the Spirit can anyone truly stop. Also, let your readers know that you have to take full responsibility for your actions as we know that we cannot blame God or the devil for giving in to the porn addiction. And, porn leaves corrupted mind and body consequences that lasts a life time. To give you an example I recently tried to recite to God Romans 12 that includes offering my body as a living sacrifice which He replied to me: “Romans 12 doesn’t apply to you now. Stop dedicating your desecrated body to Me.”

2/22/2015: It was 2006 when I first got hooked. I was a 6th grader as well as “The new kid” from Catholic school. A kid named Augusto was one of my first and only friends that year. I can vividly remember thrusting myself over his shoulder in the cafeteria one day, trying to peer at “something cool” on his brand new PSP that he boastfully promised to show a group of us after lunch. Excited, I was anticipating a funny picture or a maybe even cool game. But when Augusto’s surprise finally loaded on his PSP screen, I saw something wildly unexpected – a picture of a fully-nude woman engaging in hardcore sex. The image sent a nerve-arousing elation down the back of my neck. The visual remained with me, and shortly after, I stumbled upon my first porn site; and stayed. I was 12. From there, it was a grueling, 8 year battle with pornography. During those years, I thought I was a Christian – I was raised in a Christian home, I went to church pretty often, and I had even gone to Catholic school throughout my elementary years. But it was no real faith at all; I was not really convicted of my sins, only afraid of getting caught. It was not until my sophomore year in high school when I truly encountered Christ. Suddenly, I knew that porn had to be eliminated. I tried countless of times to quit. Repetitively, I attempted to escape porn’s trap; but in reality, my attempts were all self-righteous “half-efforts” – there was a part of me that still wanted more. The morning of my 21st birthday, I came to the end of the line. I told God that I was done. And that morning He set me free – forever. Sin scars the memory; usually forever. But because of this, I will never forget my redemption testimony. I will never forget how God saved me. The culture idolizes the notion of self-autonomy, but I find that to be untrue in regards to my life. I am not a self-made man, though every bit of my flesh wants to deceive me into believing such. It was not a self-making, but a self-destruction that I used to practice. This self-destruction – caused by my old sinful ways – nearly ruined me. Thank Christ for intervening; it is Him who has re-made me.

12/24/2014: I just found your website and want to share with you my personal testimony so that it may help others. I became a born again Christian about four months ago, I feel like a baby in the spirit, Jesus has saved me, given me eternal life, and is living inside me as the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord, my name is written in the Lambs Book of Life, Heaven is my home. Glory be to God.

I am 27 years old now. But back when I was 16 in high school, I was introduced to drugs, weed, cigarettes, alcohol, and really whatever could get me high but worst of all these addiction was my addiction to porn and masturbation. The devil had planted a seed in me and it had to be watered. I became addicted to not only drugs but I became heavily addicted to porn, I would watch porn everyday for hours without eating or talking to anyone I would just sit their glued to the computer and masturbate daily multiple times a day. The devil had me blinded thinking that this was ok, that it’s just hormones, that it wasn’t a sin, it’s natural, that I’ll eventually stop some day, but in reality this sin separated me from God. For ten years I was like this, all throughout high school and college even as I started to work at age 25. For more than ten years, I would wake up every morning and the first thing I would do is get high, watch porn and masturbate. I had several girlfriends thinking this would help stop my addiction but it didn’t, really it just fueled it more.
I was so ashamed and embarrassed that this addiction had such a strong hold on me. I tried many times over several years to quit but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. I would get these lustful urges from seeing stuff on TV and just immediately go watch porn and masturbate. I could not control myself, I was out of control. I was depressed lonely no real friends. The friends I did have we would get high every day, go to bars, gogo bars, strip clubs, night clubs. I was living in sin.
My parents are orthodox Christians, they had no idea about my addiction, but they would take me with them to church sometimes. I used to think that going to church, taking communion and confessing to a priest was all I had to do, but I was wrong. I knew OF Jesus, but I did not know Jesus personally. I felt so ashamed, I knew I was a sinner, I knew God hated sin, I wanted to be right with God but didn’t know where to start or how. I thought that I had to quit my addiction first then I could get right with God, not knowing that I couldn’t stop on my own that I needed God to help me stop, but I was foolish I never asked or prayed to God for help, I just thought I could stop on my own. Over the next couple of years I failed miserably from trying to stop watching porn and masturbating and still I did not call out to God. I thought that God doesn’t want anything to do with me now, that I have to stop doing this first then go to God, how wrong I was. I was so ashamed and embarrassed I couldn’t talk to anyone about my problem I felt left out everywhere I went, I couldn’t even look people in the eye while talking to them because I felt so ashamed I felt they knew what I was doing.
One day I was on YouTube and heard a gospel song called Lord Give Me a Sign by DMX and other gospel songs by DMX. Those songs really touched me I felt the closeness he had with God, words like, “Thank you Father for making me righteous and accepted through the blood of Jesus”, “Thank you Father, you sacrificed your Son to give me chance”. Those words really touched me. When I got home I went to my room and lying on my bed I said to myself, How can I be close to God? And right at that moment something inside me, not so much a voice but a thought but it was clear and audible it felt like it was coming from my soul said, “Relationship with God”. I know for sure this was God answering my question; this was God speaking to me, telling me to have a relationship with Him. So lying in my bed I repeated those words “Relationship with God” over and over and thought about them and kept thinking about what this means then slowly I fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning, now every morning for the past 10 years the first thing I would do before I even get out of bed is get high, smoke, watch porn and masturbate. But that morning I had absolutely no desire to get high, no desire to smoke, no desire to drink, no desire to watch porn, no lust, no desire to masturbate, it was gone, it was all gone! My 10 year addiction that I had since high school that I desperately tried to stop and failed numerous times was all of a sudden just gone! I didn’t even want to smoke cigarettes, and I smoked a pack a day! Jesus took it all away and saved me. It was all gone and these were things I was desperately addicted to for 10 whole years, I could not quit no matter how many times I tried. Jesus truly saved me. That morning I did have one new urge, one new desire that God gave me reading The Word of God. I hungered to read the Bible. Now, I never had such an urge to read God’s word, it was amazing. I reached for my parents Bible started reading the New Testament and read it all day.
It’s been almost 5 months now and I’m happy to say Jesus is not only my savior but my best friend. I have never looked back nor have I ever watched porn or masturbated or get high or did any of the stuff I used to do, I simply don’t have the desires anymore. Jesus has shown me that He is the only way. Jesus gave me new desires to read His word and pray to Him and to really have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have so much more to say but what I want to say is this, I know that there is nothing I did to save myself, the only thing I did was call out to God and ask Him how to be close to Him and He showed me, He answered me. I realize now that if we just yield and surrender all to Jesus, He will save us. I now know that I was saved by Gods grace alone and not by any of my own works. I am a dirty, filthy, rotten sinner deserving to be condemned to Hell but God not only forgave me but forgot all my sins and saved me because Jesus has died for me. Wow! Think about that God himself died for you! God would rather die than to see you go to Hell! and so He did! Jesus paid it all on the cross! It’s amazing salvation is so easy so simple just believe on Jesus Christ and you will be saved. I didn’t make it easy God did. I realize you can’t depend on a church or a priest or a religion to save you instead depend only on Jesus Christ and you will inherit eternal life. God Bless.

10/11/2014: “Well my story is like the most of them, but with a twist. I started watching Pornography at 8 years old. It all started with a friend at school, one day talking, the subject came up and well we talked and he showed me a photo. Since that day I was “hooked”. When I got home I started to think about it a lot. 2 months later my mom bought my first laptop. I still had that thought in my head and it never got away. So that night I searched about the subject and I found what my friend was talking about, it was Pornography. I started to look at it day after day, it got to one point that precisely I was in the bathroom watching it and my brother knocks on the door, like anyone would do I closed the page fast and I tried to shut down the computer, since the computer was an old one it needed permeation to shut down and since your heart starts beating real fast and your only focused on that person not knowing that you were watching Pornography you forget anything. Thank God that my brother, although he caught me, because since our house was really big, my brother was chasing me around the house for like 5 minutes, he only wanted money and THANK GOD I had money from my aunt, because it was close from my birthday and she gave me $50. But, un so lucky me when I was 10 I was still watching it, I was in 6th grade and a friend told me about how cool masturbating was and out of no-where a classmate said the same thing and that when he did it the semen squirted in his shoulder. I was in like an “ewww” moment. but he recommended me to do it while watching porn. I wasn’t much convinced about it, but dumb me, I did it and it started to be an addiction. It was already 5 years in a row watching it, when I was in 7th grade I still had the same friends and some new ones, but like everyone I also lost friends, the same person brought a few condoms to school and well we hid in a place that almost no one could see us, he opened it and gave it to me, I asked him “what do I do with it?” he said “it’s up to you”. Well I got home and I hid the condom. Almost at the end of the school year, about 2 more months to go, he (the friend with the condom) asked me if I could bring some porn videos to the school. I said yes because at that time I wanted to have friends, the next day I brought 2 videos, because I wanted to see how it went and it went good, another friend asked me if I could lend him my psp, because that was the era when the psp was famous just like the Nintendo ds. I downloaded 5 more videos of about 1-3 minutes, the next day I brought the psp and lent it to him for one day. The next day he brought the psp and he had the bright idea to watch a video in the boys bathroom (of the school). At that time the janitor cleans the bathrooms, well he entered and saw my “so called friend” ( because he had gotten me in a lot of problems in that school), so I started to get away from him slowly but surely. Since I was a Christian I wanted to act like one, that same week I was with the psp in a classroom, yep! you guessed it watching porn, but hello of course it was hidden, the teacher was getting curious and started to come our way, (all this time we had no class, we were just in a classroom) I hid the psp under my private part, because a teacher reaching down there, (awkward!?) Lucky me I didn’t have it in my underwear I had it between my private part and the seat, she said “stand up and move from seats”, that was the end of my life (I thought), I stood and I tried to get the psp, but it slipped from my hand, she saw the psp and took it, where did she take it? yep, to the director/dean, YAY!!!!!!!!!. She called my parents and wanted them to talk with her. Besides the beating I got, I had no privileges. For 8 Years in a row I was watching pornography, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, for almost a decade I was watching porn, THANKS TO GOD I was able to overcome this addiction. My tip to you is pick the right friends because e Bible also says ” cursed is the man who believes in another man”, it’s better to be alone than with the “flow”, the majority. I had to learn this the hard way, I know teens may have their hormones all over the place, because I lived it. God has changed my life let him change yours.”

2/16/2014: “A long time ago I was searching for a way to beat my sexual addiction and become a better man. I was not raised in a church and had little knowledge of Jesus and what he could do.
I tried many ways to beat addiction, and failed. I came across your website through a search engine, I shamelessly laughed at the concept of GOD at the time, as it felt so strange and alien to me.
I didn’t even know how to pray. But, I was at a low point and was ready to give anything a go, even GOD. So I gave GOD a chance. I printed Freedom Journey and prayed like they do on the movies, bent knee, closed palms over my bed. I went to bed, and woke up feeling different. Thank you for your website. Praise the LORD Jesus Christ! I’ve been doing your daily devotions since the new year, I wish I knew about these earlier as they are so helpful.”

9/8/2013: “I am [a teenager] was exposed to pornography at the age of 12 by spelling a URL wrong. I quickly closed it because i wasn’t interested. Within a month i was exposed to a porn advertisement. I stared at it mindless then i closed it continuing to the website. Then more ads starting coming up and eventually i found myself going to the website with porn ads just to see the ads. Over time with staring at them, i wanted to see more than the same picture ads, i clicked on one of them. A whole new area with TONS of porn images and videos and livestreams started coming up. I was looking at all of them almost drooling. Then it started to were i was searching google images for stuff like mermaids. Also i started watching live cams and stuff like that. It grew from watching just nudie girls to actually sex porn videos. I started typing random urls that were sexually named to see if there was porn on it. I think it was almost a full year i was watching porn without realizing how bad it was. Then i found this website and i have been porn free for about 4 months. I never really knew how much bad things those porn girls have been through and how addicting it is. ”

4/13/2013 “I am pleased to say that I have been free from masturbation / pornography for the longest time ever. I have entered the Catholic church and have renewed strength. I truly believe that I can be free of these sins forever and I see them differently – they have much less of a hold on me. I know that I am still in a battle however and hence I remain on my guard and continue to fight.”

7/12/2011 “I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful website pornfree.org. I have been free from homosexuality, pornography and self-gratification for about 5 years now all by the grace of God alone. But I still struggle with spiritual and emotional problems because of my long involvement with these things. I was a slave to homosexuality, pornography and self-gratification until the age of 34 even though I had become a Christian at age 16! But God has been merciful to me and Jesus finally delivered me from this horrible bondage. Your daily devotions have been such a comfort and blessing to me. I cannot thank you enough for making this anointed material freely available to everyone who needs to hear this message of hope and forgiveness in Christ.”

2/13/2011 “I just wanted to notify you on my progress. It has been a very successful journey so far. I have really enjoyed taking the Freedom Journey course 1 and 2 I learned alot. I also managed to find the root of where the problem was and I prayed long and hard when I realized what it was. Thank you so much this website as actually transformed me and made me feel a lot better living this new Guilt Free from Pornography.”

3/16/09 “I had been struggling with sexual addiction for 24 years and had continually prayed that God would set me free. I prayed, read books, meditated on God’s word and believed God for deliverance, but every time I seemed to be breaking free I would always stumble back into the snare of this sin. Just recently, I cried out to God and made a real commitment that I would follow God’s standard of purity and with God’s help I have not given into sexual sin in over a month. Reading your devotions have helped a great deal because I have learned how to turn to Jesus every time I have been tempted. I am blessed by the freedom that Jesus has given me and I thank you for all your prayers.”

11/24/08 “I remember when I visited your website, and now I guess I visited it again, it was an amazing story. A story about breaking free. Since the day that I sent you mail, and when you said you sincerely prayed, miracle has happened in my life. God set me free. I can’t explain it. Since your last message I haven’t used pornography or masturbated. I can’t explain it rationally; I lost a need for that. I realized that pornography was making me masturbating, and not the other way around. Once you quit pornography, all else is piece of cake. I’m so thankful to God and to you.”

9/1/08 “The Lord has done a major deliverance in my life from pornography, masturbation, and sexual lust. He is amazing and I’m just speechless about God’s love for us. I lived 16 years in the grip of sexual sin which progressively got worse over time. It ended up in perversions I couldn’t even imagine when I was younger. I got really heavy into sadomasochism and fetishes with these dominating women. On April 2, 2008 the Holy Spirit quickened my heart and I haven’t been the same since. I still struggle at times but God is helping to crucify the old man, Praise God. I was attacked by demonic forces as well after being delivered. I praise God for his mercy and grace.”

3/27/08 “On 02.01.08 @ 9:00 pm God set me free of Porn. And I owe it to your website. Your site does has an anointing on it if you did not already know it. God jerked the evil unclean spirit of lust, sexual idolatry and masturbation out of me. And I knew it then and there. I have no porn of any kind around me. It is so freeing not to have that mental imaginary loop go off 24/7 anymore. I believe I have used all your sample prayers, which are very powerful. So thanks for being a caring and obedience servant of the Lord.”

12/16/07 “The Lord God has been shining a light of hope in my life. Having kept myself in a wallowing life of loneliness and masturbation, I’ve seen so much porn, it’s made me hate myself and find it impossible to believe I could ever have a fruitful life in Christ with a real woman. But God has led a beautiful, lovely girl in Christ to me and she has shown me the grace of God. She’s accepted me despite the fact I’ve suffered this addiction and I’m finding such amazing strength to quit. I feel amazing hope that I can have the life that I want that it MAKES ME COME TO TEARS!!! TRUST ME, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF, YOU CAN HAVE A LIFE WITH A SPOUSE IN A LOVING MARRIAGE, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU’VE DONE WITH YOUR PAST!! TRUST GOD THAT YOU CAN BE HEALED! I thought I was a piece of scum, until I saw through the lie. DON’T BELIEVE IT! YOU’RE WORTH SO MUCH AND SOMEONE ELSE ON EARTH WILL SEE THAT IF YOU BELIEVE!

11/28/07 “Hello, your site has really helped me. THANK YOU A LOT, God is very VERY powerful indeed I have radically changed just in a week’s time and never returning to my old self.”

11/28/07 “I’m a woman who struggled with masturbation, hardcore erotic fiction (which my church calls “written porn”), and bisexuality for years. Actually, my battle started at the young age of 13. I could never seem to overcome these temptations and kept sinking deeper into sin. After so many years I finally admitted my struggle to my pastor, and he counseled me, prayed with me, and actually cast demons out of me. I have been completely set free since then! Looking at your website, I can see that all of the information you’re giving people is the same type of information that my pastor gave me. So if anyone who’s struggling with sexual sin will just take this site’s advice, I believe they will be set free too. I know how much God desires for everyone to be free from sin, so it’s great that this website is here to help!”

10/13/6 “I have been freed from pornography, habitual masturbation, homosexuality and drug addiction since December 2005. Through this site that I found help with breaking soul ties, generational sin and curses that I brought upon myself in my past life. I have just returned from France (Oct 06) sharing my testimony with others on how Jesus delivered me from sexual bondage and making an internet video soon to be viewed [on the internet]. I have also been asked to write a book on my personal testimony which is in progress and God willing will be published sometime in 2007 to help others with similar problems. I just want to finish by saying to all, that if you put Jesus first in your life there is NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE that HE can’t do in your life. AMEN!”

6/22/6 “Thanks to your daily devotions I have been totally porn free and masturbation free since Nov 11th 2004! In addition I had support from my father-in-law. Together we were able to give each other support and we have been using and recommending porn-free to others. I will be giving my testimonial in July to a group of people on a topic about moral failure. Also, I am being called by God to enter this ministry”

6/22/6 “Just minutes before I came here, I was having thoughts of self-injury because of the pain and anger and shame from my addiction to masturbation and pornography. I’m a Christian and the Devil has constantly been telling me that I’m fake and not worth God’s time because of this. More out of desperation than anything, I hit Google, and found this site. As I started to read I could already feel the clouds breaking. I just deleted everything I had and I plan to do the same to my dad’s stash on his computer. It’s still a long, hard road, but this site got me started.”

6/6/6 “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and praise God for the work He is doing through you. God recently convicted me and rescued me from my life of casual sexual relationships, masturbation and pornography. After 8 years of indulging in every form of immorality, in an instant, He placed in me the true desire and means by which to have a clean heart that seeks to serve Him. I tried half-heartedly for a long time to ‘quit masturbating’ or to ‘quit looking at porn’, but it was always just a temporary suppressing of action, and not desire. I thank God that He has placed in me a greater desire. A desire for a pure heart, clean in motives and ready to do His will. Continue in your good work for the glory of God! Brothers I love you and will see you in the kingdom!”

4/26/6 “Thanks for your prayers – they have been answered. It’s difficult to explain but my life is brand new as far as my thought life and my love life with my wife are concerned. God has put us in the right direction, we just need to maintain it now with his guidance and strength. Thank you so much – it’s great to be free! I can track the change back to when I got to your website and that week you prayed for me. I also went out and bought a great book by Joshua Harris called “Sex is not the problem (lust is) – sexual purity in a lust saturated world”. This book has really been hammering home through the Word the points you have made on your website. You guys are making a difference praise Jesus – please keep going, don’t stop, God is using you to set people free.”

10/4/5 “I just wanted to write this to you people and say thank-you so much for supporting me in prayer. I wrote twice before and Paul answered back and honestly I did not believe in my deliverance from porn b/c it had too much power over me. It wasn’t a battle anymore, it was a slaughter. I would look at porn for up to 12 hours straight, but praise be to the Father, He has set me free! It’s been a month now since anything has happened when before the longest would have been about 4 days. I’m still praying for God to continue to give me strength and to cleanse my mind from the images and movies that are still in there, and I hope that God will help me with that too.”

8/28/5 “I found your website and it has opened my eyes and let me see the lies that I have been living and the hurt I have been causing to people close to me. I have viewed porn for many years and felt that it had no effect on my life. I have viewed porn, had cybersex, phonesex and visited prostitutes to feed the hunger of my addiction. I lived a double life for years, felt very empty, guilty and ashamed of my actions. But one night I set down at my computer and instead of doing my usual acts I searched for spiritual help and was led to this website. I have read lots of the material, studied the scriptures and on my way out of the darkness and into the light. As I progress, it is becoming easier to identify the temptations and to divert these temptations. My relationship with God is growing everyday. I am determined to rebuild the relationship and the trust with my wife. Thanks so much for your website.”

8/22/5 “I did not think that this would work from the start. After I memorized the verses, my desires become easier to deal with. I actually have been resisting temptations SO much more than before. I barely think about it now. If I do think about it, the struggle to fight off temptation is a lot less strenuous.”

8/22/5 “Thank you for this site. With your help (& others) God has made me porn-free for the last 10 months. I recommend this site to all the guys I talk to online, about quitting sexual impurity & pornography.”

8/22/5 “Six or so years ago, I was hopelessly addicted to internet porn. I found your site by “accident”, and GOD used it and a series of events to bring me to Christ. My wife and I were saved, baptized and have become very involved in our church’s ministries/ bible studies, and I wanted to thank you and let you know I am praying for you all. I am a new creation, with a new beginning and know there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

8/17/5 “I came to this site through a search about anointing my home with oil because of my 12 year old son’s current struggle with porn and rebelliousness. I ended up taking the masturbation course for myself and finding out about many roots in my life that needed to be dug up and thrown into the fire.”

6/9/5 “I thank God for your ministry. I am totally, completely delivered from this temptation and sin of masturbation that has been weighing me down for several years right now. I’ve tried lots of things and went a lot of places seeking help with this problem. Thanks to your ministry, and most of all thanks to God I am completely and totally healed from the evils of masturbation and sexual sin. I also have been delivered from homosexual tendencies. I thank you so much. Your web site was my last hope. I had hit rock bottom, and God lifted me out!”

6/7/5 “I remember finding porn when I was just 6 under my dad’s recliner and becoming addicted to masturbation from just about then on. When I became a teen I became very sexually active. I would pray and pray for Gods forgiveness and strength, weeping uncontrollably, asking God to set me free, but the guilt and shame seemed to outweigh God’s Grace. Pornography is the only drug you don’t have to buy or get online to get to. I still couldn’t escape my mind! All I had to do was rewind all those movies and pics. When my wife found my porn stash she was more than devastated. I could barely look my wife in the eyes for weeks, but I knew something inside had changed. It has only been 1 year and I am still clean. How? I have been renewing and transforming my mind through Gods Word, His grace and loving forgiveness.”

5/4/5 “I would like to thank you all, this site has helped me to break free from my addiction. While it has only been just over a week, since following your guide, I feel as though the Lord as filled me with his Spirit, and somehow tweaked my inner being, such that I now no longer feel the strong urge to view pornography or masturbate. With His help, I am now able to “take each thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ.” Even in this one week, I have seen such a change in myself, a renewal of my mind and a strong thirst for the Lord. This message is part of my attempt to no longer keep this sin secret, something which I feel the Lord is urging me to do. Once again, I thank you all. God bless.”

4/12/5 “I just want to thank you and your team for your prayers. Actually, I have not completed the online course but this past year God has brought people into my life whom I was able to share my struggles with. I have been blessed with an older woman who has befriended me. She has spoken to me, prayed with me, and given me books about sexual sin, purity and relationships. In the Freedom Journey I study, it mentioned the importance of breaking the secrecy. One of my greatest fears was to confess to my sin and struggles to another but doing so has brought me much freedom.”

1/25/5 “I just want to express my thanks to you for setting up this webpage and the bible studies that have truly set me on the path to purity and freedom. I’m an 18 year old and I cannot help but shudder at the thought of what I would have become had I not read about the destruction that porn has caused to so many people. I didn’t know I was asking for trouble when I asked my parents to get the internet. I had my first dose of porn when I was 13. I started masturbating on the same day. At first, it started small, but after around a year, [it was happening] everyday. In spite of all this, I managed to live a pretty decent life outside, being an active teen worship member and participating in all the church activities. At times, I would feel so ashamed of myself that I would stop for a day, but then I couldn’t stay that way for long. I hated my other, secret closet life but I just couldn’t get myself to stop. At times, I would say halfhearted prayers to God to forgive me and would resolve never to continue on that path. For 5 1/2 years, I was on the path to definite destruction. Outside, I was a happy, successful student, but inside I became a recluse running to porn to satisfy my increasingly shameful desires. I realized my soul had touched its lowest ebb when I started downloading shameful porn through [a file-sharing] network. Somehow, I knew that God still loved me and I finally realized that I had become a sex addict (I’d never heard this term before). I wanted help and I happened to come by this website. I spent two whole days following the Bible studies. I felt so terrible while saying those prayers, but finally, God helped me overcome the evil spirits binding me and I wholeheartedly prayed the prayers. I know that I have been freed because I’ve found new inner strength to resist the lustful thoughts that often used to spring up in my mind before. I feel that I am born again in Christ and I thank God for changing my dark heart and delivering me from that shameful sin.”

12/6/4 “I almost lost everything. That is such an easy thing to say now, but the enormous weight of that reminds me every day where I came from and what is yet ahead. I was addicted to pornography and habitual masturbation for 26 years. As the son of a minister I was expected to be above that. I played an excellent part, but inside I was dying. Like so many today that are addicted to pornography and sexual sins and sitting in church pews, I was afraid to confess my sins out of shame, isolation, and embarrassment. Because of the nature of these sins they are so often kept in the dark, but exposed to the light, Jesus is able to free men from these sins.

Five years ago conviction, shame, and a desire to be free overtook me and I was finally able to confess and find freedom from pornography addiction and masturbation. I have remained accountable to my wife as well as accountability partners since that time. My desire is to see men also find this freedom and prosper in the freedom that God has set before us. I want to see these men to step up and become the husbands and fathers that they where meant to be. To become the true leaders of their homes.”

11/30/04 “I found this website and started reading the stories. I knew I was reading about myself. I especially remember reading how one person “spent hours trying to find the perfect picture or video, etc” and I read how another started to view it “just a little” and then became addicted, etc etc. I knew what they all were saying because I was reading about myself. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH DEEP DOWN ABOUT OURSELVES. I will also say this, and it is important: IF YOU HAVE COME TO THIS WEB-SITE AND ARE READING MY WORDS YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!! People who do not need help do not come to this web-site. I think, like me, that in your heart you are not happy about this problem and you want to do something about this. You are in the right place. As soon as I read the stories and made a decision to change this life-style God began to help me overcome this problem. Again, I would like to say to everyone that you already know the same self-shame and disgust that I felt. You ALREADY KNOW that you want God’s help. This is a good place to start. I will be praying for you!!”

11/10/4 “I just wanted to say thank you. Months ago, I had requested prayer from you for freedom from my addiction to porn. The same week I was saved. The Lord took the insatiable urge to look at porn and to consume alcohol until drunkenness away. I have been porn free and alcohol free since September. I attend church and study the Bible regularly now. I have two accountability people in church that I can to with any problem I have. The Lord has blessed me immensely with peace, and this site was part of my rebirth in Christ and the renewal of my mind.”

9/28/4 “I’ve been porn-free, masturbation free for over a year. I tried to stop unsuccessfully many, many times on my own. Your site showed me to truth about my behaviors, and how they really affected my life. I reached a turning point, when I learned how deep I was hurting God. I was divorced for the second time and a single mom. I was having an affair with a married man. I used masturbation/porn/chat rooms to cope with stress and to create my ego. I’ve always loved God from when I was a child. I tried to stop these behaviors on my own, and [deal] with consequences for choices that we made in the past. But, God is so good to put goodness in the big holes left by sin. I now understand what it is like to have a pure marriage bed, a clean heart. I now make choices based on how it will affect my Heavenly Father. We both get physically ill when we are anywhere near sinful places or people. I blush at things that I was once jaded to. I know that if I put Him first, the rest of my family will be loved beyond measure. I live a life that I didn’t know to dream of. Thank you for being a path to the Light. I appreciate the in-depth studies that you provide. My life will never be the same. This site was my rescue boat, in the midst of desperation. Thank you for praying for me when I started.”

If God has set you free from sex addiction or has been helping you get free, please send us a concise testimonial for posting (Email Us). We believe it will help others in their walk to freedom!