What is wrong with pornography?

What exactly does pornography do to a person?

What is wrong with lust?

Sex Addiction

I’m a backsliding Christian, I’m addicted to porn and I need help. Where do I start?

What can I do if my spouse is addicted to pornography? (see Christian spouse or non-Christian spouse help pages)

My boyfriend and I are Christians. I just found out he’s a porn addict. What should I do?

Do I have to become a Christian to break sex addiction?

Are people succeeding in breaking sex addiction?

Where can I get counseling or prayer ministry for my addiction?

Can I be forgiven for what I’ve done?

I think I’ve committed the unforgivable sin…what do I do?

How can I fight temptation?

Is masturbation a healthy release of sexual energy?


What does the Bible say about sex?

Sex questions page: Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner (recommended by Focus on the Family) have created an excellent page addressing many of the typical questions Christians are asking about sex. The Penners offer a range of materials focused on achieving healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships. They have a useful list of responses to frequently asked questions on their website, addressing topics ranging from masturbation to “hum-drum” sex lives.

My husband wants me to have anal sex with him. Does the Bible address this and is it sin?

Is oral sex sinful?


Can a Christian have a demon?

Is it wrong for a follower of Christ to watch horror movies or movies with occult content?