God delivered me from sex addiction (see Author’s Story) in 1998, and soon afterwards he inspired me to start a website to help others caught in sex addiction.  Our creative name, Porn-Free, is a bit of a play on words that has helped draw thousands of people to the website over the years through internet search engines.  My main goal here is to share God’s truth, which helps people break free of various bondages and addictions.

Much of the information on the website comes from years of personal experience as a sinner and from walking on the road to sexual purity.  I approach the scriptures from a common man’s perspective (as opposed to a theologian’s) and teach from them based on the reliable translations of our day.   In addition to living through sex addiction and experiencing God’s healing, I have received training and ministry experience through Christian Healing Ministries as a prayer minister.  Additionally, My wife and I are active in our local Church.

I believe that the Bible offers relevant and reliable truth that can help people in any situation.  It is the truth that sets people free from the lies of darkness.  With that in mind, I’ve posted a few hundred pages of Bible-based information on porn-free.org addressing many of the issues related to sexual addiction.  Because I couldn’t possibly correspond with the thousands who visit the site each day, I’ve made the information as “self-serve” oriented as possible.

Our visitors come from all around the world.  Many of them are Christians who find us while looking for pornography on search engines.  Some are spouses of sex addicts desperate for hope and guidance.  Some are in ministry, looking for someone to confide in anonymously.  Others have never met Jesus, and are looking for answers. Some are hostile to our message, but we pray that God will use every person’s encounter with this site for his Kingdom purposes.

It has been exciting to see the fruits of this website grow over the years.  People have been freed of sex addiction, marriages have been healed and people have recommitted their lives to Christ or placed faith in Jesus for the first time.  Please see our Freedom Stories page to read the testimonials we’ve received.

We believe that: 

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God
  • God exists in the “three” persons (or forms) of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus died for all people’s sin, was resurrected on the third day, now sits at the right hand of God in Heaven and will return to earth in the future.
  • Jesus is the only mediator between God and people.  Reconciliation with God comes through faith in Jesus Christ.  Those who believe and receive Jesus inherit eternal life with God.
  • The Holy Spirit lives in people who place faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.   The Holy Spirit empowers them to live free from addiction and to walk according to God’s desires for their lives.
  • The manifestations (“Gifts”) of the Holy Spirit are given for edification of the body of Christ and as signs to non-believers.
  • God can and does heal people of emotional, physical and spiritual ailments (like sex addiction!)